TGFBI | Episode 81: Beat The Shift (w/Mike Gianella)

Episode 81- Bullpen Episode
Guest – Mike Gianella
Strategy Section –
Keeper Inflation
Mailbag Question: How does inflation from keepers affect values and auction strategy?
The Case for An Ace
What does your research show?
Middle relievers
Should you be drafting? If so, who?
Does it depend on the league format?
Which NL East closer will have the most saves in 2020?
Which closer / former closer is most likely to bounce back – Kimbrel, Diaz, Trienen or someone else?
Which is closer is the most likely to be traded?
Bullpen Situations
Anderson, Castillo, Alvarado
Oberg, Diaz, Estevez, Davis
Anderson, Watson, Rogers, Gustave
Martinez, Gallegos, Miller, Gant
Hirano, Magill, Tuivailala, Brennan
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Saves+Holds vs Saves Format
W vs. QS vs. W+QS Format