TGFBI | Episode 75: Beat The Shift (w/Jeff Zimmerman)

Episode 75- Central Episode
Guest – Jeff Zimmerman
Strategy Section –
Positional Scarcity
Myth of positional adjustment.
What to do for catchers.
How to deal with multi-positional eligibility in valuation.
Starters vs. relievers
How to handle role in valuation.
How to handle innings caps.
Draft Strategy
Closers – Market is pricing now less than the theoretical values. Will that change?
Steals – Do we dump them going into drafts in 2020?
Billy Hamilton in 2016 vs. Mallex Smith in 2020.
Team Section –
Salvador Perez
How does one project players coming back from full-season injuries?
Jorge Soler
Who plays 1B for the Royals in 2020?
Who has the better chance for a bounce-back? Matt Carpenter or Miles Mikolas?
Tommy Edman
What does the starting rotation look like in 2020?
Brad Hand – Is he the closer in 2020, or is it someone else?
What can we expect out of Chris Archer in 2020?
Josh Bell – Is he 1H 2019 Josh Bell, 2H, or something in between?
Expectations for Shogo Akiyama?
How does one project foerign players coming over to the MLB?
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.

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TGFBI | Episode 73: Beat The Shift (w/Rudy Gamble)

Episode 73- Southwest Episode
Guest – Rudy Gamble
Strategy Section –
How do you come up with your projections?
How do you address playing time?
Other sports (NFL/NBA) – How do you come up with projections for other sports?
Catcher Valuation
Is this the only position that needs a positional scarcity adjustment?
How do you alter valuation to account for catchers?
Streaming Catchers
Draft Slot
Drafting from the #1 slot.
How do you manage team balance while at the wheel?
Pros and Cons of drafting in the middle vs. wheel
Southwest Section –
Sign Stealing scandal – Thoughts and team repercussions.
Gerrit Cole now gone. Who takes his spot in the rotation?
Kyle Tucker – What can we expect from him in 2020?
Kluber – What can we expect from him in 2020?
Danny Santana – Waiver Wire pickup of the year in 2019. What can we expect of him?
New Ballpark – How will it play?
Bumgarner – What can we expect?
Josh Rojas / Seth Beer (Greinke trade) – What can we expect from these rookies?
Tommy Pham recently traded to SD – What is the SD OF playing time situation?
Machado / Tatis – Best left side in the game?
What will the right side of the infield look like to start the season?
Closer situation
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.

TGFBI | Episode 72: Beat The Shift (w/Ron Shandler)

Episode 72: Risk Episode
Guest – Ron Shandler
Strategy Section –
Risk / BABS
Riskiness of players and how it affects price.
How to alter what you should/would account for risk associated with a specific player?
Risk Adjusted Pricing
BABS System – What it is, how it handles risk and team construct. How to know what to pay for a player.
What risk should we be most concerned with?
Build the most value, or lose the least value?
What is the best way to use ADP/AAV (the best current representation of what prices are in the marketplace)?
WHen to know when to take a player who you perceive as a large bargain.
How do you decide when to pick a player in your draft?
Drafting Strategies
Total Control Drafting
Buying opportunities – [Twitter Poll] What are the best places to look for bargains / buying opportunities?
What has changed about fantasy baseball over the past 5 or 10 years?
The upwards trend of the price of top starting pitchers
How to deal with the declining stolen bases in drafts.
How to deal with the increase of power in drafts.
2020 Rule Changes
How will the following new rule changes for 2020 affect the player pool, player values and how we play fantasy?
26 man roster (up from 25)
28 man roster in September (down from 40)
15 Day IL for pitchers (up from 10 day IL)
3 batter minimum rule for relief pitchers (previously 1 batter min)

TGFBI | Episode 71: Beat The Shift (w/Danielle McCartan)

Episode 71- Hot Stove Episode
Guest – Danielle McCartan (WFAN)
New York Section
Thoughts on Beltran as the new manager
Michael Conforto
Bounceback Candidates: Brandon Nimmo, Noah Syndergaard, Robinson Cano
Potential signings
Didi Gregorious / SS Situation
Offseason targets
1B Situation
Hot Stove Section
Key Free Agents, Possible landing spots
AL East Section
Red Sox / Rays / AL East
Will Mookie Betts be traded?
Thoughts on Rays
Expectations for the AL East in 2020
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.