TGFBI | Episode 67: Beat The Shift (w/Michael Simione & Daniel Ebbin)

Episode 67- Home League Episode
Guests – Michael Simione @SPStreamer & Daniel Ebbin
Strategy Section –
Beat the Shift Home League
Experience in the Beat the Shift League.
Difference between players in the industry / experts vs. others?
Do you / should you alter your strategy in an experts league?
2019 to 2020
Keys to success in 2019.
What adjustments do we need to make for 2020?
What will you be researching or diving into more for the 2020 season?
World Series Section
World Series / MLB Playoffs – Observations
How will good/bad performances affect fantasy players?
Does Gerrit Cole go up a few spots?
Does Scherzer go down a few spots due to concern of injury?
Ranking the following players in terms of IP risk (injury risk):
Sale, Scherzer, Kershaw, Verlander, deGrom
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.