1. OBJECT: To bring together a group of fantasy baseball industry professionals for the largest online industry league in fantasy baseball.
    1. Leagues
      1. Each league will consist of 15 teams. There will be at least three leagues, but the aim is to have as many as possible.
      2. Each league will play with the same rules.
    2. Player Universe: All Major League and Minor League players in Fantrax Universe
    3. Rosters (28 Players):
      1. 1 Catcher, 1 First Baseman, 1 Second Baseman, 1 Shortstop, 1 Third Baseman, 1 Corner Infielder, 1 Middle Infielder, 5 Outfielders, 2 Utility Hitters, 9 Pitchers and 5 Bench players
      2. Each team will have up to 5 usable DL spots
  3. TEAMS
    1. Teams are chosen by invitation or by applying filling out the form found here: 
    2. The only requirement for admission is previous work in the fantasy sports industry. Those looking to apply should email their qualifying experience with attached link(s) to their work and where they can be found on social media.
  4. PRIZES (TBD):
    1. Fantrax has graciously agreed to put $1,000 towards the prize pool. There will be a prize for each individual league and for the overall winner. The division of this prize pool will be determined once the number of teams is finalized as well if other sponsors join.
    2. Fees: None
  5. DRAFT:
    1. Online Slow Draft
      1. Each draft will take place on Fantrax with a four hour time limit per pick. The clock will stop overnight.
      2. Order: TBD at least one week prior to the draft.
      3. Start Date: All drafts will start March 1st.
    1. Pre-Draft: Players are assigned a position when they have played 20 games at a position the previous year before he can qualify for that position.
    2. In-Season: Once the season starts they must play at least 10 games at any position to be qualified.
    1. Rotisserie Scoring 5×5
      1. Hitting Categories
        1. Runs
        2. Home Runs
        3. Runs Batted In
        4. Stolen Bases
        5. Batting Average
      2. Pitching Categories
        1. Earned Run Average
        2. WHIP
        3. Wins
        4. Strikeouts
        5. Saves
  8. Standings
    1. League Standings
      1. Teams are ranked from first to last in each of the categories used for scoring and points will be assigned based on those positions.  The team score will consist of the total of all category points. The team with the most points wins each league.
      2. The overall standings will be determined in the same fashion, but including each team from each league. The team with the most points wins the overall title.
  9. Minimum Requirements for Categories:  
    1. Hitting (None)
    2. Pitching (1000 innings pitched)
  10. Tie Breakers:
    1. Ahead in Most Categories in the Overall
    2. Most Categories Won in Own League
    3. Most Hitting Points in Overall Standings
    4. Most Pitching Points in Overall Standings
    5. Most Overall Points in Own League
    6. Most Pitching Points in Own League
    7. Most Hitting Points in Own League
    1. FAAB:
      1. The FAAB is a supplementary budget of $1000 (for Roto purposes) used in the acquiring of free agents.  A bidding process will be used during the acquisition of players when using the FAAB. This will insure the player being requested goes to the highest bidder.  In the case of a tie the team lowest in the standings from the previous week will be awarded the player. Minimum bid should be around $0 of the original $1000.   
      2. FAAB will process weekly on Sunday nights.
      3. For every player picked up a player must be waived, fill an empty bench slot or be moved to the DL
      4. FAAB may not be traded between teams
    2. Trades:  
      1. Trading is open between league members once the draft is complete until August 9th.
      2. Members of one league may not trade with members of another league.
      3. Trades are subject to league vote
      4. Trades made should have an explanation of why each member made the trade posted on the league page.
      5. Vetoes should only occur when collusion is suspected or proven.
  12. Roster Moves:
    1. Roster moves will be allowed on a weekly basis with rosters locking at prior to first pitch of the first game of the week.
  13. All Other Issues
    1. Any unforeseen issues will be ruled upon by Justin Mason
    2. Rules are subject to change prior to the draft.
      1. The rules written above, but will not change once drafts have begun.