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TGFBI | Episode 73: Beat The Shift (w/Rudy Gamble)

Episode 73- Southwest Episode
Guest – Rudy Gamble
Strategy Section –
How do you come up with your projections?
How do you address playing time?
Other sports (NFL/NBA) – How do you come up with projections for other sports?
Catcher Valuation
Is this the only position that needs a positional scarcity adjustment?
How do you alter valuation to account for catchers?
Streaming Catchers
Draft Slot
Drafting from the #1 slot.
How do you manage team balance while at the wheel?
Pros and Cons of drafting in the middle vs. wheel
Southwest Section –
Sign Stealing scandal – Thoughts and team repercussions.
Gerrit Cole now gone. Who takes his spot in the rotation?
Kyle Tucker – What can we expect from him in 2020?
Kluber – What can we expect from him in 2020?
Danny Santana – Waiver Wire pickup of the year in 2019. What can we expect of him?
New Ballpark – How will it play?
Bumgarner – What can we expect?
Josh Rojas / Seth Beer (Greinke trade) – What can we expect from these rookies?
Tommy Pham recently traded to SD – What is the SD OF playing time situation?
Machado / Tatis – Best left side in the game?
What will the right side of the infield look like to start the season?
Closer situation
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.

TGFBI | Episode 72: Beat The Shift (w/Ron Shandler)

Episode 72: Risk Episode
Guest – Ron Shandler
Strategy Section –
Risk / BABS
Riskiness of players and how it affects price.
How to alter what you should/would account for risk associated with a specific player?
Risk Adjusted Pricing
BABS System – What it is, how it handles risk and team construct. How to know what to pay for a player.
What risk should we be most concerned with?
Build the most value, or lose the least value?
What is the best way to use ADP/AAV (the best current representation of what prices are in the marketplace)?
WHen to know when to take a player who you perceive as a large bargain.
How do you decide when to pick a player in your draft?
Drafting Strategies
Total Control Drafting
Buying opportunities – [Twitter Poll] What are the best places to look for bargains / buying opportunities?
What has changed about fantasy baseball over the past 5 or 10 years?
The upwards trend of the price of top starting pitchers
How to deal with the declining stolen bases in drafts.
How to deal with the increase of power in drafts.
2020 Rule Changes
How will the following new rule changes for 2020 affect the player pool, player values and how we play fantasy?
26 man roster (up from 25)
28 man roster in September (down from 40)
15 Day IL for pitchers (up from 10 day IL)
3 batter minimum rule for relief pitchers (previously 1 batter min)

TGFBI | Episode 71: Beat The Shift (w/Danielle McCartan)

Episode 71- Hot Stove Episode
Guest – Danielle McCartan (WFAN)
New York Section
Thoughts on Beltran as the new manager
Michael Conforto
Bounceback Candidates: Brandon Nimmo, Noah Syndergaard, Robinson Cano
Potential signings
Didi Gregorious / SS Situation
Offseason targets
1B Situation
Hot Stove Section
Key Free Agents, Possible landing spots
AL East Section
Red Sox / Rays / AL East
Will Mookie Betts be traded?
Thoughts on Rays
Expectations for the AL East in 2020
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.

TGFBI | Episode 69: Breaking it Down (w/Todd Zola)

Justin Mason (@JustinMasonFWFB) talks with Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of Mastersball and Rotowire about how he won The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational.

 Todd’s Drafted Team:
Opening Day
CWilson Ramos (Rd. 9)
CYadier Molina (Rd. 10)
1BYuli Gurriel (Rd. 17)
2BJonathan Schoop (Rd. 11)
SSTrea Turner (Rd. 1)
3BAsdrubal Cabrera (Rd. 14)
OFCody Bellinger (Rd. 3)
OFMarcell Ozuna (Rd. 5)
OFMitch Haniger (Rd. 6)
OFDaniel Palka (Rd. 23)
OFAdam Jones (Rd. 26)
CIBrian Anderson (Rd. 21)
MIMarcus Semien (Rd. 15)
UTNelson Cruz (Rd. 7)
PAaron Nola (Rd. 2)
PMike Clevinger (Rd. 4)
PKirby Yates (Rd. 8)
PCollin McHugh (Rd. 12)
PHyun-Jin Ryu (Rd. 13)
PJon Lester (Rd. 16)
PRyan Yarbrough (Rd. 24)
PChris Paddack (Rd. 20)
PTrevor Cahill (Rd. 25)
BNBrad Peacock (Rd. 19)
BNZach Eflin (Rd. 22)
BNLonnie Chisenhall (Rd. 28)
BNYonny Chirinos (Rd. 27)
BNKyle Seager (Rd. 18)
BNDustin Fowler (Rd. 29)
BNLogan Allen (Rd. 30)

Todd’s Final Roster:
Wilson Ramos
Yadier Molina
Yuli Gurriel
Jon Berti (8/11, $17)
Trea Turner
Kyle Seager
Victor Reyes (9/8, $4)
Marcell Ozuna
Anthony Santander (7/27, $37)
Jackie Bradley Jr.
Sam Hilliard (9/1, $7)
Cody Bellinger
Marcus Semien
Nelson Cruz
Aaron Nola
Mike Clevinger
Kirby Yates
Mike Foltynewicz (8/11, $7)
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Jon Lester
Ryan Yarbrough
Zach Eflin
Archie Bradley (9/15, $1)
Chris Paddack
Nick Anderson (7/27, $17)
Kolby Allard (8/18, $3)
Ty France (9/8, $4)
Delino DeShields Jr.
Christian Walker
Justus Sheffield (9/8, $2)

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TGFBI | Episode 68: Beat The Shift (w/Vlad Sedler)

Episode 68: NFBC Episode
Guest – Vlad Sedler
Strategy Section –
How to allocate / when to spend on FAAB?
Spend early vs. save vs budget for every week
Is it worth it to spend big FAAB on prospects?
vs. Closers / Hot players / Team needs etc.
How do you price uncertain players?
Players with uncertain skill level.
Players with an uncertain injury return time.
Players who have not signed with a team yet.
Mixed vs. Mono leagues
Twitter Question: When should the focus in drafts switch from picking players with high floors (low risk), to more riskier players with higher upsides?
Twitter Question: If I would 100% guarantee you that in 2020 Gerrit Cole would exactly replicate his 2019 statistics – where would you take him in a draft?
At what point in the draft would you rather take the best uncertain player than the guaranteed stats?
Ex. Guaranteed 2019 Marcus Semien 2019 or Uncertain 2020 Ronald Acuna?
NFBC Section –
What is the NFBC and why should you pay attention?
What are some NFBC trends that continued / were present in 2019.
Will they continue in 2020?
Trend examples:
SP taken early trends
Speed going earlier trends
Should you be zagging when others are zigging, or should you go with the market for trends?
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.

TGFBI | Episode 67: Beat The Shift (w/Michael Simione & Daniel Ebbin)

Episode 67- Home League Episode
Guests – Michael Simione @SPStreamer & Daniel Ebbin
Strategy Section –
Beat the Shift Home League
Experience in the Beat the Shift League.
Difference between players in the industry / experts vs. others?
Do you / should you alter your strategy in an experts league?
2019 to 2020
Keys to success in 2019.
What adjustments do we need to make for 2020?
What will you be researching or diving into more for the 2020 season?
World Series Section
World Series / MLB Playoffs – Observations
How will good/bad performances affect fantasy players?
Does Gerrit Cole go up a few spots?
Does Scherzer go down a few spots due to concern of injury?
Ranking the following players in terms of IP risk (injury risk):
Sale, Scherzer, Kershaw, Verlander, deGrom
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.

TGFBI | Episode 66: Beat The Shift (w/The Birchwood Brothers)

Episode 66: Fantasy MVP Episode
Guests – The Birchwood Brothers
Strategy Section –
What went right, what went wrong, what we can learn from 2019
Drafting vs. FAAB management vs. Luck
Correlation between expected finish and actual finish
Correlation between starting draft position and actual finish
ATC Projections
How and why they work.
How successful were they?
What the best way to you use them?
Fantasy MVP Section
Hitter MVP
Pitcher MVP
Biggest Hitter Bust
Biggest Pitcher Bust
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Trick or Treat – Ariel asks the team this week’s mystery questions.
Fantasy questions for 2020 for the World Series Champion Washington Nationals
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.

TGFBI | Episode 65: Beat The Shift (w/Justin Mason)

Episode 65- End of Season Episode
Guest – Justin Mason
Strategy Section –
Strategies for the last week of the season
What did we learn about FAAB from the 2019 season?
2Early Mocks – Notable Findings
End of Season Section
Best & Worst Calls of the season
Listener Comments
Thank yous to this season’s guests
Favorite Episodes & Guests of TGFBI Beat the Shift this season
Waiver Wire – The team talks about a few potential waiver wire pickups.
Pitcher Preview – The team highlights the coming week’s 2-start pitchers and key 1-start match-ups.
Mailbag – The team answers Twitter comments and questions.
Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury update.
Announcement – TGFBI Beat the Shift Announcement